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We are a full service Chartered Professional Accounting Firm.  We earn and maintain our clients’ trust by providing the highest level of service coupled with industry knowledge and expertise in the categories outlined below.

Small Business Enterprises

Whether you are running a home-based business or a small organization with a huge potential to expand, we can handle all your accounting and taxation matters. We’ll help you prepare financial statements when you need to seek financing in the form of a loan or capital from investors. We’ll handle your tax filings and make sure you save as much as you can on every business transaction.

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Sole Proprietorship/Individuals

Set yourself up for success by establishing your priorities at the outset of your business, and by leveraging opportunities to limit costs in a legitimate way. Consult a seasoned and experienced accounting firm who will not only help to handle and reduce your taxes, be they basic or complex, but also position you or your company for increased ROI , as efficiently as possible.

Planning & Advisory Services

When it comes to tax advice, we all look to be in compliance while maximizing tax breaks. For individuals, business owners, and corporations our advice is practical and proven. We assist individual and business owners with income, estate and succession planning, as well as numerous other income tax issues.  Learn more about our tax planning and advisory services by contacting us.

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Audit & Accounting

At BookkeepingNYC, we appreciate that every organization has distinctly different accounting requirements. Rest assured, our team will make every effort to understand your culture, goals and operations.  We can provide turn-key solutions to ensure your success by providing the highest level of accounting services for businesses, corporations and nonprofits.  

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